Considered by many one of the most desirable sets in Mcdonalds history. 8 new toys were given to celebrate the 1993 theater re-release of Snow White. The promotion lasted 28 days from July 9 - August 5, 1993. Two premium toys were out each week. Dopey & Sneezy toys were used as under-3 toys. SW’s toy display is still one of the most rarest & expensive.

What do you think? Did ya’ll loved these as much as I did? Unfortunately there’s still not a video for this commercial on youtube :(

Mirror mirror on the wall, there are 8 great toys, collect them all!

THE INCREDIBLE 1993 SW Happy Meal Display!

1993 Collectors Video Promo Pins

1993 boxes

”1993 was getting ready for the first time ever masterpiece collection video release of Snow White!”

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1992 Mcdonalds EUROPE EXCLUSIVE Happy Meal

1992 EXCLUSIVE Mcdonalds Europe Happy Meal

Translite artwork for 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal.

In 1991 four toys based on the 60’s classic : 101 Dalmatians, were given to promote its VHS release.

Good Quality 1991 101 Dalmatians Happy Meal Commercial

1991 Happy Meal Display